Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bootie Trap Docka Jones

After the rousing success that was last weeks roundhouse discussion, I have decided to raise another intellectual debate. Namely, if you had to use any type of booby trap to protect yourself what would you use and why? I always find myself drawn to the swinging spike log, as evidenced by my crude artistic depiction above. It has worked on many occasions, and it usually makes people shit themselves on impact. Please let me know your opinion below.


joel said...

I'd have to say that I have done some tinkering with all sorts of booby traps, from leaves over pits with spikes, to trip wires with poisonous darts, to the old tar and feather classic. But my favorite trap of all times has to be Alice in Wonderland's Rabbit Hole . Nothing is worse than walking to work, drinking your mocha double frappiccino on a bright spring morning and helplessly finding yourself on a never ending acid trip. Mommy!

AL ONION said...

Yes the spike log can bring on some serious shit to the face or the pants and eliminate potential threats. It is indeed a fine weapon Burt...if you live in a forest on the forest moon of Endor!! But I live in the real world amigo. And for my family's protection and sense of security I use the ol trap door under the carpet. Not one carpet trap door, but multiple sites. Doormat - trapdoor, living room carpet - brings the room together;trapdoor.Bathroom mat - yes, trapdoor. So if I sense danger, foul play, bad gas or bad karma. Flip the switch're out in the street!

katy said...

well the movie "home alone" is actually based on some events that happened in my childhood. i was a master of traps even at 10 . i also talked to homeless bird ladies.