Monday, January 14, 2008

Visited the Snook’s beach house this weekend

I decided to get out of town this past weekend and head to my dear friend Benjamin Snook’s beach house. Bengie and I have been close for quite some time. We both attended Yardale were we had 4.0 grade point averages. It was as joint president of the student body were we became such close chums. After graduation Benjamin went into the world of finance while I moved into a world of adventure and death defiance. Yet, we still managed to keep our friendship by summering each year in Nantucket. So you can imagine my surprise when Benjamin called to invite me to the beach. I thought that he was calling about some IPO’s that we had discussed a few weeks prior. Instead it was an invitation to relax at his beach chalet for a few days. Needless to say I accepted. What a wonderful weekend. We dined on many fancy cheeses such as Kraft single slices and mozzarella sticks. The wine was delicious as well. If you haven’t already, please try Carlo Rossi and his bevy of delicious wines. We sat around the fire while Benjamin’s wife Linda played her harp for us. I barely had to lift a finger due to the Snook’s illegal alien wait staff. I don’t know how they do it, but Linda and Benjamin really have those people trained. I would imagine it is from severe beatings after mistakes have been made, or death threats. Anyhoo, I couldn’t have asked for a lovelier time. The only regret of the weekend is that the shark fishing wasn’t really up to par. Regardless, I would like to thank the Snooks for their generosity and taste for the finer things in life. Bravo!


Carmen said...

linda's a ho

Connor Pritchard said...

oh what a lovely tea party. Was tickle me Peter in attendance as well.

katy said...

burt has always been a real cheese and wine connoissuer.