Monday, January 28, 2008

I am not buying it Brady

Nice try Thomas. You thought that you could trick me but you forgot that I am smart (insert New England spelling for smart, e.g. smaaat). This past week Tom Brady has been seen in many photos wearing a walking cast and has been absent from team workouts. Meanwhile, Bill Belichick has been noticeably tight lipped about his quarterback’s condition. The sports writing and broadcasting pundits from across America have all weighed in on what they think this means to the Patriots chances and the affect it will have on Brady’s game. Well I would like to weigh in what I think is going on. Nothing is wrong with Tom Brady, nothing at all. He probably doesn’t even have a high ankle sprain, that cast probably has liquor in it. You see Belichick comes from the Bill Parcell’s school of football, and this classic panzer strike move is something we have seen before. A time ago when the Tuna was coaching the Giants he faced a very successful Buffalo Bills team in the Super Bowl. In the weeks leading up to the game he praised the Bills and all the things that they could do as a football team. At the same time he was giving his players time to prepare, and letting LT smoke all the crack he could, while allowing the Bills organization to become full of itself. The Giants came into the game and punched the Bills in the mouth. The game was close but in the end the Giants prevailed. There is a little difference in the type of smoke being used by Belichick, but this is the same kind of situation. He has allowed everyone to focus on Tom Brady and his mystery leg injury while letting the rest of the team focus on the task at hand. I bet the second that Tom walks in the door of his house that boot is off and he is dancing around like Fred Astaire while his girlfriend makes him waffles in the nude. This is one of the most prepared quarterbacks in the game. I don’t think he is going to miss a few practices and lose his hold on the offense. If anyone thinks that Tom Brady is not going to be one hundred percent ready for this game this weekend you might be in for quite a letdown.

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