Friday, January 11, 2008

So Mavericks is this weekend

Easy Warchild, seriously! We have once again come to that time of the year when one of surfings most talked about contests has gotten the green light. A long time ago I wrote about how I had surfed Mavericks before. It is definitely not as easy as it looks. However, I should mention that I surfed it during the fourty year storm and I was riding a taco bell tray. The thing that I don’t get is how surfing has not progressed in a long time. “But Burt,” you ask “aren’t people getting gnarlier all the time?” Of course they are. They are getting way gnarly broski. The thing is I am not talking about bigger waves, longer barrels and tons of fresh nugs. I am talking about competitions and their lack of pushing the limits. They are getting less gnarly, very less gnarly. Therefore, I thought I would put out some new ideas out there to “spice up” the competition;

• Transport Great Whites into the area and chum the surrounding water
• Put mines in the water at different locations
• Everyone has to surf in the nude
• Have people drop nets from helicopters above the waves
• Everyone has to ride Taco Bell trays while eating a 7 layer crunch rap

This is just me workshopping some ideas. I am open to suggestions but they had best be extreme, intense, and of course, gnarly.

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