Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Have a good time at the DMV dickwad

I took the advice of Skinny Stewart and decided that I would torture Wednesday by sending him to the DMV. Seriously, a DMV visit is something I would only wish upon my worst enemies. I can confidently say that for each time I go to the DMV there has been a negative experience associated with it. Some of the more unfortunate incidents include;

Getting close to the front of the line and having explosive diarrhea kick in(I held it).

Watch a deadbeat haggle with the lady at the counter about why he can’t move forward with his car registration because he has unpaid child support (he looked like Bob Ross the painter but I don’t think he knew how to paint happy trees).

Dealing with the lady at the counter right after the deadbeat.

Listening to a thuggish young man haggle about speaker and rim prices with his “shorty” the entire time I was in line.

The diarrhea thing was really bad.

So I can only hope that Wednesday comes down with a case of the scoots when I send him down to the DMV today. Maybe this will make Wednesday take things easier on me and make itself somewhat bearable. Right now he is not off to a good start.


5thyear said...

Next Wednesday I vote he has to go see every showing of the JONAS BROTHERS IN 3D in matching trench coats with KEVIN BACON.

Anonymous said...

I vote that he gets stuck in a elevator with his ex mother in law and his ex girl wacko friend and his boss. You get to pick the music.