Tuesday, February 10, 2009

They need to make another Ghost Dad

Why has this not happened yet? They do movie remakes in Hollywood all the time. I feel like that is the only thing they are doing in Hollywood right now. You may ask, “Burt what about The Wrestler and Gran Torino?” Well, The Wrestler is a rip-off of Tag Team staring Rowdy Roddy Piper, and Gran Torino was a re-imagining of Cannonball Run 2. So no idea is really a new idea. That’s why I think it is a great time to remake this movie before Bill Cosby becomes the big Huxtable in the sky. I have just the plan to do it too.

Basically, we have Bill Cosby return as Ghost Dad and make a bunch of silly faces as he scares his grandchildren into getting better grades at school. The only catch is that we change the name of the movie to Ghost Grandad. BAM! They can’t print money fast enough for people to see that movie. You’re welcome Hollywood.


5thyear said...

I will add this to the long list of sequels we have to write.
Goonies 2: Return of the Fratteli's
Red Dawn 2: This time their Chinese coming over to collect the U.S. financial debt posed as photo-snapping slopehead tourists.
Lone Wolf McQuade 2: Pabst and Crossbows.

5thyear said...

and possible

No Escape 2 - Pedoph-Isle
a group of boy scouts returning from a jamoboree crash on an island full of convicted child molesters and it's up to Ray Liotta to lead a group of death row-inmates to save the kids and get their chance at redemption. Pump action weird noise rocket launcher is still in this one.