Friday, February 06, 2009


From the comment section of Try Burtosil ;

I thought turrets where something on know, those round things that are hooked to houses, a form of architecture. Or maybe turrets had something to do with guns. Or maybe I remember turrets having to do with something electronic, boards or something, but a disease?? oh, by jove could you be thinking of tourette syndrome?

Actually nerd, I was talking about Turrets. It’s when people have gigantic house like structures grow out of their shoulders. It makes it almost impossible to wear any clothes besides tank tops. How dare you insult this small percent of people with your obvious lack of knowledge? Furthermore, I bet if you have enough time to go around and play grammar wizard on people’s blogs you have little time for important things like lifting weights and having sexy time with the ladies. I bet you can’t even bench press the bar. AND I bet you think a dumbbell is an insult. AND I bet you have never felt the tender embrace of 5 women trying to bring you to the greatest ecstasy man has ever felt. AND I bet you think unicorns aren’t real and that Chlamydia is a soup. Thanks for reading but try to educate yourself a bit more, nerd.

Big shout out to POPT for bringing the thunder.

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