Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just stop it already

I got an email from my friend Nad Nad yesterday. Mondays tend to have a contemplative effect on us all and yesterday was no exception. Nad Nad’s thought for the day;

so i just realized i have a new pet peeve:

people who say "cheers" at the end of calls instead of "good bye" or "later" or "smell you later" or put it at the end of their emails, replacing thanks, or regards.

This dude that sits by me says it with every call and puts it in every email and he isnt even british or irish. if he were, i could maybe undersand. maybe. but he isnt.

i have a white board in my cube and today i started to count the times he used cheers on just calls. im up to 11. im going to kill him before the week is over

The restraint you have shown by not killing him already is astounding(we get it “cheers” guy…you’re the life of the party…cool as an island breeze and always ready to have a beer). I think that I would have tried to boobie trap his cube with a mine or perhaps a swinging log with spikes on it. I would imagine though that Nad Nad is buying his time until he can inflict a grizzly end to somebody like that, and if I know Nads it’s going to involve a samurai sword and some ninja stars. Any other types of quirks bothering you people?


popt said...

I dont like when people will start reciting word for word what they heard from espn like it was their own. Also, and I am guilty of this sometimes, when people overuse movie lines, i.e. any line from old school. Lets get some new material and move on (does not apply to lines from major league, ladies man, slap shot, the godfather or american pimp).

Burt Destruction said...

I could not agree more. Greatest quote from American Pimp; "And that is when I met the greatest pimp of all...HIS NAME WAS GOD." ~Don Magic Juan

popt said...

you see these nails, I sold these nails to revlon cus for the longest time all I did was peel money and touch bitches