Friday, February 13, 2009

True Poetry

Valentines day is upon us and I thought I would try to get in the spirit. I may not be the most romantic person but I think I know a heartfelt sentiment when I see one. From the Mother Teresa of Boning;

What is love? What is this longing in our hearts for togetherness? Is it not the sweetest flower? Does not this flower of love have the fragrant aroma of fine, fine diamonds? Does not the wind love the dirt? Is not love not unlike the unlikely not it is unlikened to? Are you with someone tonight? Do not question your love. Take your lover by the hand. Release the power within yourself. Your heard me, release the power. Tame the wild cosmos with a whisper. Conquer heaven with one intimate caress. That's right don't be shy. Whip out everything you got and do it in the butt. By Leon Phelps

Happy Valentines Day. Watch out for STD's.


Anonymous said...

no matter how you do it, butt sex stinks afterwards and seeing poo on the end of a dick is just not my thing

Anonymous said...

I thought that WAS the point of anal...who doesn't like some poo in their daily diet? I mean, I know I do.