Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Try Burtosil

Feeling down and in the dumps? Have health problems stopped you from leading a normal life? Can’t take a crap unless you drink a bottle of prune juice? Well, worry no more. Introducing Burtosil, the new and improved wonder drug made in an Alhambra machine in the basement of my house. This drug is able to cure the common cold but so much more than that. Burtosil can help you treat;

Runny nose
Anal leakage
Testicular inflammation
Not being able to pee
Peeing way to much
Bed Sores
Bleeding Gums

All that and in some cases it has proven to increase male genitalia size and turn your bowel movements into gold. So what are you waiting for? Change your life and talk with your doctor today about Burtosil.

Side effects include all of the items listed above, night terrors, constant itching, bad breath, hair bugs, soupy farts, and death.


Anonymous said...

I thought turrets where something on know, those round things that are hooked to houses, a form of architecture. Or maybe turrets had something to do with guns. Or maybe I remember turrets having to do with something electronic, boards or something, but a disease?? oh, by jove could you be thinking of tourette syndrome?

Anonymous said...

Did I write where when I meant to write were.

popt said...

who the hell uses by jove anymore, thank you sherlock holmes. people that comment on grammar and spelling in blogs seriously piss me off. did i write giant douche where i meant to write giant douche bag.

Anonymous said...

I use "by jove" thats who. And I think it's a charming thing to say. And who the heck uses douche bags anymore, and you are welcome watson.

popt said...

ok anonymous uses by jove, good work. for someone who comments on others writing you are certainly terrible using and so many fucking times, get a grip