Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I have decided to forego my usual bashing of Wednesday and instead post a few peices of art that I think I made just a bit better. I think that this art speaks to a new generation of young people. Those nerds in the industry will be breaking down my door for this stuff. Oh I am an artiste.


skinny stewart said...

While I am, of course, impressed by these works of art, I am in shock that wednesday is not on the hook for it's usually douchiness. Has wednesday been good to you today?? After all these years of wednesday bending you over and making you take it...are you finally enjoying wednesday love?? As a fellow wednesday hater, i am hoping that this is a short lived love affair.
If you are out of Wednesday torture tactics let me know...i attempted to drive down Clement street today....i think you know where im going with this.

Anonymous said...

these pictures scared me. the old guy reminded me of a bad dream and the screamer reminded me of wednesday. why do you have such a hatered for wednesday. is it because wednesday is full of woe? were you born on this day? maybe you should have this day off. maybe you are off. i think i will come to wednesday defense. yes, i am starting to see that wednesday is in need of a lawyer. And as I am willing to pro bono the case for wednesday, i demand that next wednesday you put up pretty pictures of naked women making love to wednesday (and it better not be wednesday addams).