Friday, March 06, 2009

That a boy BOZ!

I read this article on The Hub this morning about Brian Bosworth getting a DUI on his Harley in Southern California. Now I take drinking and driving very seriously but I have to say this is awesome. That at boy BOZ! I think that we can safely say that it is time for the Brotherhood to make a comeback. The Boz getting a DUI is step one in bringing the gang back to the streets. Step two is getting our hands on weapons and a sizeable amount of methamphetamines, which we all know are the lifeblood of any serious biker gang.


abartling said...

This made me think of the drug dealer from "The Wrestler", Scott Siegel, getting arrested for steroid trafficking! In this case art imitates life!!

chuckdestruction said...

the brotherhood is back, our fearless leader the boz must have had one too many of his famous monitor lizard shakes