Thursday, March 05, 2009

Burt...Burt...Burt (an open letter from Jack Hugeman)

Well it looks as though Mr. Hugeman differs with my opinion from Tuesday's post The gauntlet has been thrown down .It seems as though Mr. Hugeman has taken umbrage to my thoughts on him and his credentials. A letter from Mr. Hugeman;

G'Day Burt. Jack Hugeman's got 2 things to say.

#1 Please Burt, look at a picture of your bloody banana bending unicorns crack a fat one and skin your own dingo before you poison the world with your mongrel ankle biters.

# 2: Your an old blimey Sheepshagger Burt, teasing little interweb yanks with stories about that are about as boring as staring at a Aborignee's black balls. Real men in the 21st century have good abs and are multi-talented, Burt. In one year (2008), I hunted down a Mutant X Sabertooth with my Wolverine claws, I bet the Japs while diddling Nicole Kidman (has you country ever asked you to star in it's biopic...afraid not my friend) and sang a danced like a poofter at the Oscars.

Burt, your about as threatening as frog in a sock and I am as cunning as a dunny rat (very cunning). If your step to me again Burt, I'll be grinning like a shit fox while emptying a gutful of piss on your grave.

G'DAY Burt.

I didn't understand half of that you kangaroo fucking jackass but rest assured I will have a thorough and thought provoking response to this letter. For now, suck my balls.

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