Friday, March 06, 2009


You have opened up a can of worms Hugeman. A can of worms armed with ninja stars and a deadly diuretic nerve toxin. Nobody insults me like that and gets away with it. Look at you all pretty, talking about your abs and doing movies with Nicole Kidman. Guess what? Nobody saw that stinking pile of shit movie about your homeland. I heard that they offered the copies of Australia DVD’s that didn’t sell as building materials for homeless housing and they rejected it in favor of cardboard. Also, for your information they are writing a movie about America and I am the star of it. It’s called One Man Saves the Indians, Finds Gold, and Tames the Bejesus out of the Frontier With Only a Bowie Knife and His Wits (working title). You had best believe that I will not be wearing any clothes throughout the duration of that entire film.
Basically, Hugeman, you need to disappear. For the next time that I see you or smell your dirty stench even a hundred miles from me I will track you down and put an end to all this fancy dancing and singing. You have riled the wrong rooster, opened the wrong tiger cage, and shat the bed for that last time. I would keep my head on a swivel if I were you.


P.S. I thought I would doll you up a bit cutie pie.

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