Tuesday, March 10, 2009

We need to stop Octomom or the terrorists have won

I can’t take it any longer. Octomom needs to be stopped. Evidently, she is currently moving into a brand new home that her father is putting into his name. This is happening while the family’s current home is being foreclosed upon because they are $20,000 behind in mortgage payments. Meanwhile, that old, rotund, balding, huckleberry Dr. Phil is providing her with a volunteer group's offer of nursing care for her children. Fuck this lady. Can’t anyone see what is going on? This is obviously an attempt from al Queda to breed armies of baby terror cells through in vitro fertilization.

It makes perfect sense. The terrorists have been foiled by America’s fortification of national security and as a response al queda has done what it has many times before, they have adapted their strategy. Obviously, they are trying to weaken America from the inside out. This plan is brilliant. The terrorists have a bunch of their female operatives come to the United States to have as many babies as possible through in vitro fertilization. Being total dipshits for a sob story, we will support these terror cell families with government programs and non profits. As we continue to fall into economic crises these families will suck on the fat teet that is America, silently waiting for their window of opportunity to strike.

You may laugh at me know, maybe even a few years from now. But what about 18 years from now when you see a group of eight brain damaged people with gigantic oversized lips and AK-47’s start taking you hostage at your favorite Applebee’s? Who will be laughing then? Octomom and Osama Bin Laden, that’s who!

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AL ONION said...

Good call Burt....I hear Barry is looking for a new head of Homeland Security BTW. You should consider.

That's right Osama Bin Baby, Octotits, and even you Mr. Phil - we're on to your evil scheme. Don't expect all those babies to grow up to be strong healthy children who make good soldiers.